Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group to start accepting orders for its new electric SUV

In a statement China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group said, it will start accepting orders for its Hengchi 5 electric sport utility vehicle, “imminently”; to this end it will open sales centres in 15 major cities across the country.

The company did not specify the date from which it will start taking orders.

The plan comes at a time when it is struggling to secure external investment. In an investor call last week, Evergrande told investors it was trying to rope in investors to help bolster the unit’s finances – a goal it has been pursuing for months without much success.

Last week, in an internal meeting, Evergrande’s chairman Hui Ka Yan said, the EV company will start mass production on June 22, once it gets an approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The company’s sales centres will be located in cities including Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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