Brexit can be reversed: Jeremy Hunt

In the event May’s deal is voted down on Tuesday, as is very likely, parliament will vote on Wednesday whether it should leave without a deal; if that measure is also voted down, parliament will then take up the issue of a delayed Brexit on Thursday.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal is likely to face another humiliating defeat following a warning of two major Eurosceptic factions saying in parliament that they would vote down the divorce deal since May failed to win concessions from the European Union.

With barely 19 days before the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, May is scrambling to secure last-minute changes to an EU exit treaty before parliament’s votes on Tuesday on whether to approve the deal.

If May’s Brexit deal, which was voted down in January, is once again voted down by British lawmakers, then they will vote on Wednesday on whether the UK should leave without a deal on March 29; if that is also rejected, they will then vote on Thursday on whether Brexit should be delayed.

Both Nigel Dodds, deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Steve Baker from the large Eurosceptic faction of her Conservative party, have warned that May’s deal would be defeated.

According to European officials, there is no sight of a breakthrough in negotiations over the weekend; they have also expressed frustration over May’s attempts to secure concessions just weeks before Britain’s exit.

“May has boxed herself even deeper into a corner, it seems the second meaningful vote will go ahead on Tuesday but it also seems like it won’t be the last meaningful vote on this,” said an EU official. “We really want to be over with it now. It’s not going anywhere so even an extension is unlikely to break the impasse. There is not much patience or good will left on our side.”

Britain’s foreign minister Jeremy Hunt has warned, Brexit is in peril if May’s deal is rejected.

The majority of investors and diplomats have stated, Brexit will define the United Kingdom’s prosperity for generations to come.

On Sunday, Hunt stated, Brexit could be reversed if lawmakers reject the government’s exit deal.

“We have an opportunity now to leave on March 29 or shortly thereafter and it’s important we grasp that opportunity because there is wind in the sails of people trying to stop Brexit,” Hunt told the BBC. “We are in very perilous waters.”

As per Michael Gove, who campaigned for Brexit in 2016, in the event May loses Tuesday’s vote, it would effectively lose control of Brexit.


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