Giving some serious thought on building new social media platform: Elon Musk

In a tweet, Elon Musk said, he is giving some “serious thought” on building a new social media platform.

This was in response to a Twitter user’s question on whether he would consider building a social media platform based on an open source algorithm which would prioritize free speech, and where propaganda was minimal.

Of late, Musk, a prolific Twitter user, has been critical of the social media platform and its policies. By failing to adhere to principles of free speech, Musk said Twitter is undermining democracy.

His tweet comes in the wake of a Twitter poll asking users if they believed Twitter adheres to the principle of free speech, to which over 70% voted “no”.

“The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully,” said Musk.

In the event Musk decides to create a new social media platform he would be joining a growing portfolio of technology companies that have positioned themselves as champions of free speech in the hopes of drawing users who feel their views are suppressed on platforms such as Meta Platform’s Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet-owned YouTube.

So far, none of the upcoming platforms, including Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Gettr, Parler and Rumble, have come close to matching the reach and popularity of the existing mainstream platforms.

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