Fully vaccinated Chileans can move freely within country while maintaining COVID-19 protocols

In a statement the Chilean government said, citizens who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to move more freely within the country. The country has sealed its borders through mid-June in a bid to restrict fresh spikes in coronavirus-induced COVID-19 outbreaks.

Fully vaccinated people will now be allowed to move between communities that are both in and out of quarantine, as well as travel more freely inside the country starting from Wednesday, said the government. However, all measures, including maintaining of social distancing and wearing a face mask will be applicable to this group of citizens.

Travel within Chile has been significantly restricted midst a sharp spike in COVID-19 infections after the Southern Hemisphere summer vacation months, leading to the imposition of widespread lockdowns across Chile.

So far, the government has inoculated more than 50% of its population, equivalent to nearly 7.7 million people, with two doses of vaccine, a move that places it among the top world leaders in vaccination against COVID-19.

Chile has confirmed more than 1.3 million cases of the disease which originated from Wuhan, China and has registered 28,548 deaths linked to the highly contagious respiratory disease.

Chileans who have been fully vaccinated will, as of now, not be allowed to travel outside the country, said health officials while adding that they would extend the closure of the country’s borders through June 15.

In a statement, Government spokesman Jaime Bellolio said, “the decision to allow more movement within Chile should not be considered ‘open season’ for disregarding sanitary protocols, but rather, exemptions from some restrictions for those who represent a lower risk for others and for themselves.

Bellolio went on to add, te government would soon introduce a new “mobility pass” with a QR code, which would allow the government to immediately change the COVID-19 status of citizens, should they become infected.

Incidentally, holders of the pass will have to observe night-time curfew, like the rest of the citizens, and continue respecting strict limits on social and work gatherings.

Chilean officials are in discussion with their global counterparts for a similar type of pass for international travel and have yet to settle on a model.

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