Successful Vaccination Drive Prompts Israel To End Cpvid-19 Restrictions

There are almost no new infections of Covid-19 in Israel as the country has been able to implement near universal vaccination against the disease.  The country’s Health Ministry said on Sunday that the successful vaccination in eth country has now prompted the government to put an end to local Covid-19 restrictions.  

Following three periods of lockdowns, Israel has been slowly reopening its economy as the majority of the country’s population having been administered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine while about 92 per cent of its citizens over the age of 50 years either being inoculated or having recovered from Covid-19.

Only 12 new cases of Covid-19 infections were reported from the country on Saturday which is a significant reduction from the daily peak of more than 10,000 fresh infections in the country in January this year.

The government is however imposing the restrictions that were imposed on activities that pose a high risk of spread of the disease as well as on limits on the number of people allowed to gather in a specific area. The government however have issued the so called “Green Pass” that shows that the holders had been inoculated and are immune after vaccination or have recovered from Covid-19. These passes allow greater freedom of movement of its holders. 

That arrangement however will not be extended by the government, the country’s Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Sunday which essentially means that the restrictions and the Green Pass system will be brought to an end from the start of June.

“The economy and the citizens of Israel will get extra room to breathe,” he said. However he also cautioned that the strict restrictions could be re-imposed by the government if the situation of the pandemic in the country changed for the worse.

The government however also said that its borders will continue to remain closed to most incoming travellers even though small groups of vaccinated tourists are now being allowed entry into the country. The requirement of people wearing face masks in closed spaces will be re-evaluated by the Health Ministry.

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