Vas Narasimhan, Novartis’s new CEO pushing for immersion of technology at the Swiss pharmaceutical firm

The elevation of key human resource personnel to Novartis’s board suggests that Vas Narasimhan is aiming to turn a new leaf at the Swiss pharmaceutical giant.

Vas Narasimhan, Novartis’s new CEO is strategically changing the leadership in the Swiss drugmaker.

Leadership changes include Andre Wyss exiting as the company’s operations president, while 3 others, including a digital specialist, and the company’s top lawyer joining the company’s board.

Wyss, who was instrumental in streamlining Novartis’s production and corporate services and has been in the company since 1984, is to remain in the Swiss unit to ensure a “proper handover”, said Narasimhan.

Further, Narasimhan has also elevated 3 people to the company’s executive committee, including Shannon Klinger, the firm’s chief ethics officer; Steffen Lang, global head of technical operations and Bertrand Bodson, the chief digital officer.

Bodson, a retail expert, was hired by Novartis in 2017 to improve the usage of data in drug discovery and development.

Narasimhan, who assumed the role of the CEO in February 2018, is pushing for increased usage of digital technology in order for Novartis to come up with winning new therapies.

Last week, he announced plans to use a partner’s mobile phone-based apps to create up to 10 drug trials, to reduce costs and speed recruitment of patients.

Klinger’s joining the board comes in the wake of a string of costly settlements and investigations which alleged that the Swiss firm had indulged in bribery.


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