Day: March 2, 2018

Trump’s proposed steel tariffs complicates NAFTA negotiations

The business of manufacturing cars in North America for North Americans is going to be an expensive affair, post Trump’s steel tariff hike. Negotiators working to rework the NAFTA trade deal were caught off-guard by U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal… Read More ›


Aluminum premiums hit 3 year high

While there are a number of reasons why the price of aluminum in the U.S. has shot up so dramatically, if the hefty premiums paid by buyers are an indication of the strong underlying strength of the demand, in most… Read More ›


Imposition of stiff import duties on aluminum and steel would significantly raise prices of U.S cars and trucks: Toyota Motor Corp

U.S. tariffs on imported aluminum will not only see a cost increase ripple through supply chains of carmakers but also risks retaliation from major partners. On Friday, Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp stated the imposition of stiff tariffs on imported aluminum… Read More ›