SideChef trying to create a smart kitchen standard for devices

With a common protocol, SideChef hopes to bring the smart in smart kitchen devices.


Although there are many smart cooking devices that will help you master your favourite dish, the problem is all of these smart cooking devices are kind of dumb since they don’t speak a common language: they can’t talk to each other. It’s not smart when your sous vide tool cannot get the weight of the ingredients that you measure a couple of feet away, when both are supposedly smart tools.

That is where SideChef comes into play. The app developer wants to create a platform which allows smart kitchen gadgets to be truly smart and to talk the same protocol. If you happen to have a series of these smart kitchen devices, if you were to select a recipe, your devices would know what order to follow and what to do. Your oven would start pre-heating while your mixer would know at what speed to run so as to give the ingredients the perfect blend.

Hopefully this isn’t a wide-eyed optimism on SideChef’s part, as it is still in the process of talking to “several hardware brands” to make tomorrow smart kitchen a reality. If it can get enough big appliance manufacturing companies on board it can hopefully avoid many of the pitfalls that typically come along the way when trying to create a standard.




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