Top Executives Of Boeing And Airbus Call On Biden Administration To Delay 5G Deployment

A petition to the administration of the United States President Joe Biden, urging the government to postpone the rollout of new 5G cellular services, claiming that it would jeopardise aircraft safety, was made by the two largest aircraft makers of the world.

The letter was signed by Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun and Airbus Americas CEO Jeffrey Knittel.

The two top executives of the two companies wrote the joint letter in to the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, urging the government official to carefully consider a delay for AT&T and Verizon’s C-Band spectrum 5G wireless deployment that is scheduled for January 5.

“5G interference could adversely affect the ability of aircraft to safely operate,” the letter said. It added that it could have “an enormous negative impact on the aviation industry.”

Concerns have been expressed by the industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concerning 5G’s possible interference with sensitive aeroplane systems such as radio altimeters.

The FAA issued airworthiness directions last month, warning that 5G interference might cause flight delays. Before the 5th of January, the agency intends to publish more details. find out more

According to a research by trade association Airlines for America (A4A), around 345,000 passenger flights and 5,400 cargo aircraft would have experienced delays, diversions, or cancellations if the FAA 5G mandate had been in place in 2019.

Buttigieg’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

AT&T and Verizon announced in November that they would delay the commercial debut of C-band wireless service for a month, until January 5, and that they would take preventive measures to limit interference.

That, according to the aviation industry, is insufficient. Boeing and Airbus announced a counterproposal that would restrict cellular signals near airports and other important sites.

Last week, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby stated that the FAA’s 5G instructions will prohibit the use of radio altimeters at approximately 40 of the country’s busiest airports.

CTIA, a trade association for the wireless industry, said 5G is safe and accused the aviation industry of scaremongering and misrepresenting facts.

On Monday, the Air Line Pilots Association stated that aviation and communications regulators have reached a deadlock. The group stated, “This is a major issue for travellers, shippers, and the American economy.”

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