CDC to announce stricter air travel rules on Thursday

Late on Tuesday, in a statement the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, the United States will require all air travellers entering the country to show a negative COVID-19 test performed within one day of departure, in response to the new COVID-19 variant.

Currently, vaccinated international air travellers have to present a negative COVID-19 test result within three days from their point of departure. Nearly all foreign travellers have to be vaccinated to enter the United States. Unvaccinated travellers must get a negative COVID-19 test within one day of arrival.

A spokeswoman for the CDC confirmed that the agency is working to modify its global testing rules for travel “as we learn more about the Omicron variant; a revised order would shorten the timeline for required testing for all international air travellers to one day before departure to the United States.”

The Biden Administration is also weighing options including one which requires air travellers to get another COVID-19 test within three to five days of arrival into the United States, said officials.

Although the CDC did not confirm it continues to recommend that all “travellers get a COVID-19 viral test 3-5 days after arrival” and “post-travel quarantine for any unvaccinated travellers.”

The CDC could announce stricter rules on Thursday.

In a statement CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said, the agency “is evaluating how to make international travel as safe as possible, including pre-departure testing closer to the time of flight and considerations around additional post-arrival testing and self-quarantines.”

Earlier on Tuesday, an official from the White House said the administration is evaluating COVID-19 measures “including considering more stringent testing requirements for international travel.”

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