Sweden deepens defense cooperation between Norway Denmark midst tensions with Russia

According to a news bulletin from Sweden’s TV4, Stockholm is set to sign a defence cooperation agreement with Denmark and Norway in an effort to counter a deteriorating security situation in the Baltic region.

Although Sweden is not a NATO member it however enjoys close ties with the bloc.

Sweden is rebuilding its military after decades of neglect following growing tensions with Russia in the Baltic region.

“If there is a crisis situation we will be considerably better prepared in that we will have coordinated our planning in this region,” said Hultqvist to TV4. “In practice, we will be able to react more quickly.”

He went on to add, the combined resources of the three countries should help deter a potential antagonist.

In recent years, Sweden has boosted military spending and has deepened its military cooperation with NATO and neighbouring countries including Finland in response to heightened tensions with Russia. “We know that Russia is prepared to use military power in order to achieve its political goals and aims,” said Hultqvist. “We are deepening our cooperation with the other countries in this region precisely in order to raise the bar in preventing disruptions and crises.”

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