‘Normal Communication’ Being Maintained With US On Trade, Claims China

“Normal communication” with the United States is being maintained by China on the issue of trade, the Chinese government said on Thursday. This is one of the very few areas where the two largest economies of the world have not got into a confrontation with each other so far this year.

In January 2020, the so called Phase 1 of a trade deal was signed between the two countries just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. According to that deal, China is supposed to increase import of American goods by more than $200 billion over a period of two years.

However, China is well behind that rate of purchasing form the US partly because of the pandemic hit. The pact is set to expire by the end of 2021.

“We’ve always stressed that both sides should work together, create the atmosphere and conditions to push for the implementation of the deal,” Gao Feng, spokesman for China’s commerce ministry, told reporters when asked about US-China trade talks.

“Trade and economic cooperation between the two sides are in the interest of both countries and their people,” he said.

Since signing of the deal, the hostile trade relations and the trade war between the two countries has eased off somewhat even while the bilateral and diplomatic relations between the two largest economies of the world has been tense because of disagreements over a number of issues – ranging from the imposition of the sweeping and controversial national security law in Hong Kong, not cooperating in helping the world bodies ot trace out the origin of Covid-19 to China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea.

China was accuse on Wednesday by US Vice President Kamala Harris of bullying its neighbours in Southeast Asia which marked the second times that she had attacked the Chinese government. She is on an official visit to the region.  The US has been trying to get together regional partners to challenge the growing economic and military influence of China in the region and elsewhere.

Closer cooperation in tackling the threat of climate change is one of the bright spot in the mutual relations of the two countries. 

It is expected that US climate envoy John F. Kerry will pay a visit to China in September, according to recent reports, which would be the second time he would be visitng CHian so far this year.

(Adapted from ChannelNewsAsia.com)

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