Chinese Livestreaming Influencers Must Speak Mandarin And Dress Appropriately

A directive from the commerce ministry of China ordered all hosts and influencers of the country who livestream to market products of companies on online platforms should be speaking only in Mandarin and dress up appropriately in the efforts of the Beijing to further tighten its oversight of the livestreaming industry in the country.

Over the last two years, companies and brands such as L’Oreal, Nike, Dyson have focused on the use of livestreaming marketing which has also become popular among online shoppers. The option to purchase and sell products via livestreaming is provided now by most Chinese e-commerce platforms.

Last year, there were accusations by some shoppers and brands of livestreamers intentionally misrepresenting products or faking sales numberswhich made this industry the target of scrutiny and prompted the cyberspace regulator of China to announce draft regulations in November last year.

More detailed guidelines were published further on Wednesday by China’s Ministry of Commerce along with the mention of the preferred language to be used by the livesreamers for the first time.

While he official language of communication in China is Mandarin, there are also many dialects and ethnic minority languages in the country.

“It is better to use Mandarin during livestreaming,” the regulator said in a section about how livestreamers were expected to behave.

The regulator is to put up the proposed regulations for review by the public until September 2.

The proposed regulations also mentioned that the livestreamers also should be such dressed which is not offensive for the audience that they target. The influencers engaged in livestreaming should also be able to reflect an image that reflects the characteristics of the products or services they try to sell.

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