BP partners with EnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG for bids to build offshore wind farms off Scotland

Early on Monday, according to a report from The Times, BP Plc is preparing to bid for the rights to build wind farms off Scotland.

In an interview, BP’s CEO Bernard Looney stated, the company “was looking at bidding in the forthcoming Crown Estate Scotland auction to lease the seabed off Scotland for offshore wind projects”.

Incidentally, bids for the ScotWind process, which offers 17 areas spanning 3,320 square miles (8,600 square km) of seabed, are yet to be finalized and come with a deadline of July 16, 2021.

BP has partnered with EnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG, for the bids. It had earlier partnered with the company while building Britain’s offshore wind market in the Irish Sea.

Earlier this year in February, BP won two sites representing a total of 3 gigawatts (GW) jointly with EnBW, with Bernstein analysts calling it a “highly contested race”. BP aims to ramp up renewable power generation from its current 3.3 GW to 50 GW by 2030, and slash oil output to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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