High Risk Of Covid-19 Infection From Eating Out, Warn French Researchers

According to a study done by French researchers, the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus gets increased for people who spend time in a bar or restaurant. This warning was issued by the researcher on Thursday, and added that a key role in transmission is also played by having guests over for dinner.

Compared to activities such as using public transport or shopping, the threat of transmission of the disease and catching the disease is much higher for people engaging in socializing, said the researchers who claimed to have found evidence to in this matter in their latest study.

The revelation of the results of the study comes at a time when there are rising number of Covid-19 cases in the United States and Europe and the beginning of the holiday season which is normally the time when people arrange parties and family get-togethers.

Which of the factors – such as professions, mode of transport, places visited, differentiated participants who had contracted the virus from people who had not was the basic aim of the study that was conducted by researchers from France’s Institut Pasteur.

“We saw an increased risk associated with frequenting bars and restaurants,” said the lead author, Dr Arnaud Fontanet, an epidemiologist and member of the scientific council guiding the government.

While not yet being peer reviewed, the study called ComCor provided information about France’s virus response. The time period of the study was between October and November when an initial period of curfew was imposed and then even tighter restrictions were imposed in which most establishments were either partially or completely closed down to prevent the spread of the disease.

It was difficult to gauge the exact role in transmission of bars and restaurants because they were not functioning as normal when the study was done, Dr Fontanet said, and termed the move to close down of these businesses as a “sensitive” one.

Even after nationwide restrictions were eased earlier this week, cafes and restaurants in France had continued to remain closed.

The study comprised of the researchers interviewing of 3,400 people who had been infected with Covid-19 and 1,700 others who did not have the virus. An increased risk of infection could be attributed to people frequenting visits to restaurants, bars or gyms while it was not as risky for people using public transport and visiting shops.

Advice of avoiding crowded indoor spaces have been issued repeatedly by health authorities across the world with scientists increasingly agreeing that the virus of Covid-19 could travel in fine clouds of particles known as aerosols, and which can get collected I n rooms  that are poorly ventilated.

Adults with positive coronavirus test results were about twice as likely to concede of having eaten out at a restaurant with the previous two weeks of the infection compared to those with negative results, found a September survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most of the Covid-19 infections in the United States were accounted for by restaurants, gyms and cafes, found another study published in the journal Nature in November. More than 80 per cent of the infection cases was accounted for by about 10 per cent of venues, found the researcher who used mobile phone data from 98 million people.

(Adapted from TodayOnline.com)

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