Nestle increase recyclable packaging component in its packing to 87%

In a briefing to the media, Swiss giant Nestle said, it has made considerable progress to increase the share of recyclable packaging for its products to 87%, making its 100% goal by 2025 within reach.

The development marks examples of innovation to cut plastic waste in packaging products.

Plastic packaging has been cited by environmental groups, including Greenpeace, as one of the top plastic polluters; Nestle has vowed to slash the usage of plastic in its packaging products by a third by 2025; it has also allocated $2.19 billion (2 billion Swiss francs) to boost recycled plastics.

“Packaging plays an essential role in preserving the integrity and safety of our food. At the same time, plastic pollution continues to be a major issue around the world,” said Magdi Batato, Nestle’s head of operations.

“We have made bold commitments and we will deliver,” said Batato.

Recently, Nestle had also stated, it has launched a refillable system for pet food in Chile thus slashing extra packaging in deliveries to consumers.

The development comes at a time when plastic waste caused by takeaway food containers and online delivery packaging has seen a significant rise because of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

While eliminating packaging is one aspect of Nestle’s overall plastic waste mitigation strategy, another is replacing it altogether with sustainable materials.

Nestle is already selling KitKat in paper packaging, after its engineers developed a new kind of recyclable paper to wrap Maggi bouillon cubes which will soon be launched in France.

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