Lockheed Martin’s Coatesville Sikorsky helicopter plant to remain open at Trump’s request

Lockheed Martin’s 465 employees at the plant will continue to have jobs. The lack of a specific plans however clouds their long term job prospects at the plant.

Following U.S. President Donald Trump requesting Lockheed Martin Corp’s CEO to keep the Sikorsky helicopter plant in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, open, the company stated it will not shutdown the plant and that operations will continue.

“At the request of President Trump, I took another look at our decision to close the Coatesville, PA, facility and have decided to keep it open while we pursue additional work,” said Lockheed Martin’s CEO Marillyn Hewson.

“We are very proud of Pennsylvania and the people who work there. Thank you to Lockheed Martin, one of the USA’s truly great companies!” tweeted Trump

The plant employs 465 workers.

Earlier, Lockheed Martin had announced plans to close the plant, which does “completion work” for Sikorsky’s S-92 and S-76D helicopters, citing a multi-year slump in the rotorcraft industry.

“We look forward to working with the government and PA Congressional delegation to find more work for this facility,” said the company.

In a statement, Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Patrick Toomey said, Lockheed’s decision provided a short-term certainty for workers at the plant who had expected to either lose their jobs or be re-located later this year.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat, welcomed the fact that workers will continue to have jobs but stated, he was concerned about the lack of a specific plan.

Incidentally, Pennsylvania is a crucial state for Trump especially if he wants to get reelected in 2020.

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