Focusing On Development Of Hybrid Cars

Luxury car maker Ferrari has unveiled a different from of luxury car compared to the typical ones that people generally associate with the company. This is powered by electricity, makes very little noise and yet can reach top speeds of 340 km per hour.

The new 4WD SF90 Stradale sports car – which is a hybrid car, is powered by a 1,000 horsepower engine developed from Formula One. The car was unveiled and displayed by the company at its historic base in Maranello, near Modena, in northern Italy.

The new car was described as “astounding, fast and completely revolutionary” by the Chief Executive of the company Louis Camilleri.

In addition to the typical experience of the high speed and [performance as is expected of a Ferrari car, this new hybrid model ca travel 25 km on electric power only. This means that an owner of the car would be able to quietly leave home and more through the city traffic without making noise or emissions.

“It will be silent, we don’t want to hide that this car can run electric too,” Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters said.

The company was however very particular of not letting out pictures of the new mow model as they took away smartphones of the journalists present at the launch so that no photos could be clicked, claimed reports talking about the display of he vehicle by the company.

Earlier, one hybrid model – the limited series LaFerrari, has already been developed by Ferrari. However this new SF90 Stradale would be the first that would be manufactured more widely.

This push by Ferrari into hybrid and electric vehicles comes at a time when its former owner Fiat Chrysler submitted a proposal for its merger with French auto company Renault in its efforts to tackle technology and costs challenges thrown up by demand for electrification of vehicles.

Ferrari was spun off from Fiat Chrysler and listed separately. The Agnelli family’s Exor holding is the largest shareholder of both the companies.

In 2014, Ferrari introduced hybrid power units into Formula One racing cars which helped the company to ease the way for transferring the technology to its road sports cars.

The company also had plans of inviting at its headquarter about 2,000 selected customers from all across the globe for previewing of the new model and for reserving it. The company expects to be able to deliver the car within 12 months. The company did not announce the price of the car. Uninvited buyers would however have to wait for a longer period time to get delivery of the car which can be more than a year. 65 per cent of its cars are sold by Ferrari to customers who already own one or more of its cars.

Ferrari said last year it planned 15 new models, including hybrids, a utility vehicle and special editions, in its drive to hit mid-term earnings target.

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