SUV & pickup trucks drive U.S. auto sales in August

Ford and Toyota, the second and the third largest automaker in the U.S. have reported a surge in SUV and pickup truck sales.

Ford Motor Co, the second biggest automaker in the United States, has reported an almost 4.1% rise in auto sales in the U.S. in August. The rise in demand can be attributed to increase consumer appetite for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Ford stated, it sold 218,504 vehicles in August, compared to 209,897 a year earlier back, although last year in August Hurricanes Harvey and Irma depressed sales.

While sales of Ford branded SUVs rose by 20.1% to 78,809 vehicles, sales of pickup truck grew by 5.7%.

Earlier this year, Ford stated it would gradually ease production of most passenger cars in the United States. The decision comes midst a market shift in the U.S. with consumers preferring larger, more comfortable SUVs and pickup trucks over passenger cars, both of which are more profitable to automakers.

Toyota Motor Corp, the third biggest automaker in the U.S., reported a 2% fall in U.S. auto sales. The fall can be attributed to a slump in the demand for passenger cars; its SUV sales however rose to 8.9%.

Toyota reported that it sold 223,055 vehicles in August, compared to 227,625, a year earlier.

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