Yamaha Motor, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Mazda, falsified data on emission control and fuel economy tests

The disclosure by the Japanese government could potentially lead to lawsuits in the U.S., like it did for Germany’s Volkswagen AG.

On Thursday, in the latest case of data falsification, the Japanese government disclosed, Yamaha Motor Co, Mazda Motor Corp, and Suzuki Motor Corp had improperly tested their respective vehicles for emission controls as well as fuel economy for their vehicles.

Last year, the Japanese government had ordered the automakers to reverify their vehicle data following improper testing measures at Nissan Motor Co and Subaru Corp.

With the growing list of industries which have falsified their product’s data, the high quality image that is typically attached to the Japanese manufacturing industry has taken a serious beating.

According to a statement from the government, despite the fact that emission and the fuel efficiency of vehicles of Yamaha, Suzuki and Mazda were tested under invalid conditions, they continued to receive proper certification.

Japanese automakers have increasingly come under scrutiny following Volkswagen AG’s cheating admission in 2015.

Japan’s fourth largest automaker Suzuki stated, out of a sample of 12,819 cars, 50% failed on fuel economy and emissions tests since June 2012.

“I deeply apologize and will lead efforts to prevent recurrence,” said Suzuki’s CEO Toshihiro Suzuki at a news conference while adding that it did not fund any significant issues with actual emissions and fuel economy performance and had therefore planned no recalls.

The Japanese government said, it had also found irregularities in 4% of Mazda cars, and in 2% of Yamaha’s motorbikes.

Yamaha has confirmed that it carried out inappropriate testing and apologized for the same.

Mazda stated it would hold a news conference later today.

With the news reaching the market, shares of Yamaha and Suzuki fell by more than 5% in mid-afternoon trading; Mazda’s shares were down by 1.3%, while the benchmark Nikkei remained mostly flat.

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