A no-Brexit deal will force Airbus to reconsider its presence in the U.K

Airbus sources wings for all of its commercial aircrafts from the UK. In the short term, a no-Brexit deal will impact its lead times and waiting lists for deliveries.

In what is likely to be one of Airbus’ strongest warning yet on how Brexit will impact its operations, the airplane maker said if Britain were to depart from the EU without a deal on its future trade with the bloc, it would have to reconsider its long term position in the United Kingdoms.

In a memorandum that was issued late on Thursday, Airbus stated a transition period for a soft landing for the UK which ends in December 2020, was way too short for it to adapt its entire supply chain. The move will essentially prevent it from expanding its UK supplier base.

Currently Airbus sources wings for all of its passengers jets from the UK.

“Put simply, a no-deal scenario directly threatens Airbus’ future in the UK,” said Tom Williams, COO of Airbus Commercial Aircraft. He went on to add, the airplane maker is accelerating measures to mitigates its risks, without elaborating as to what they might be.

The move mirrors similar calls from Siemens which said earlier this week that it needs immediate details on how the ways its operations would need to be re-organized.

According to industry analysts, its unlikely that Airbus will abruptly stop sourcing wings from the UK due to long lead times and waiting lists for its planes. However, it could source its wings for the next generation of single-aisle from sources other than the UK. The development of next-gen winds are expected to begin around the middle of the next decade.

Possible aerospace suppliers include those from Germany, South Korea and Spain.


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