A Trash Now Has Been Embedded With Self Driving Car Technology To Empty Itself

After autonomous cars, now it is the turn of refuse to turn robotic. The design of an autonomous refuse robot has been released by Canada’s pioneering robotics and artificial intelligence research company – AI Incorporated. The autonomous robotic refuse is able to automatically go to the curbside by itself where it awaits the arrival of a pick-up truck at a pre scheduled time. This robotic refuse is powered by new AI enhanced robotics system and is being seen as a new form of application for mobile robotics.

The status of the refuse bin can be checked in real time and the pre scheduling happened with the help of an app. The owner of the user would be able to control the refuse bin through the app if there is a need for the robot to get help in case it gets stuck and needs navigation help.

The company is planning to usher in a new generation of robots with the help of its Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology in combination with its deep learning now that the latest application of the use of mobile robotics has been successful. The company’s Versatile Self Localizing Autonomous Platforms (VSLAP) has bene used by it to create the application that runs the autonomous refuse receptacle robot. Any given machine is helped to be mobilized with the help of the Quantum Slam Operating System (Q-OS) which is a new robot proprietary software.

The scene of humans having to empty trash bins on the road side would be the thing of the past with this new application of mobile robotics.  The robotic bins will simply move from their post and get themselves emptied as and when the pre scheduled time for pick up arrives.

“Robots are the perfect solution for eliminating those tasks which humans do not wish to conduct,” said Ali Afrouzi, CEO of AI Incorporated and bObsweep Inc. “With our cost-efficient Q-OS SLAM solution, it is now economically viable to automate trash cans that autonomously navigate to the curbside when the truck arrives!”

A combined use of SLAM, deep reinforcement learning, and computer vision had been taken help of where these are used in a comprehensive navigation system in the robot to allow it to move as scheduled. A large number of sensors allows the robotic autonomous bin to monitor their internal contents, communicate with other devices, travel autonomously, and map their environment.

AI Incorporated specializes in autonomous robotic devices and makes use of a quantum-inspired method to solve the SLAM problem. Q-OS which is a SLAM enabled Operating System are offered by the company for commercial use by other companies.

(Adapted from PRNewswire.com)


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