North Korea To Send Delegation To Winter Olympic Games In South Korea

South Korean officials have confirmed that the Winter Olympic Games to be held in South Korea would see the participation of a delegation from North Korea.

This agreement was reached between the two countries after high-level talks were held between them in over two years.

Athletes, officials and supporters would be included in the delegation.

And for the families that got separated in the Korean War would, there could be good news as South Korea also proposed getting such families together during the games. More such reunions have been pushed for by South Korea because the issue has been amongst the highly emotional ones for both the countries.

The Lunar New Year holiday which would occur during the middle of the Pyeongchang Games would be the time when the expected reunions would happen.

The reunions are expected to take place during the Lunar New Year holiday, which falls in the middle of the Pyeongchang Games.

There was also a call for the athletes from both Koreas to participate in the inaugural march past for the opening of the Winter Olympic Games together by South Korea

It was over ten years ago during the 2006 Winter Olympics that athletes from the two Korean countries had marched under the together under the Korean Peninsula flag.

Panmunjom “peace village” in the demilitarised zone (DMZ) at the border was the place where the talks began on early Tuesday.

“The North side proposed dispatching a high-level delegation, National Olympic Committee delegation, athletes, supporters, art performers, observers, a taekwondo demonstration team and journalists” to the Games, said Seoul’s vice unification minister Chun Hae-Sung while speaking to journalists after the meeting.

According to Mr Chun, calls for military talks with North Korea have also been given by Seoul

It may be recalled that a threat of a nuclear war was issued by North Korea just about a week ago. and in stark contrast, the rogue country agreed to send a delegation to the Pyeongchang Games after a delegation from the country crossed over the line that divides North and South Korea.

And therefore, this event is being viewed as one that is dramatic and is preceded by months of tension. But there are few takers in South Korea for the notion that this event represents any fundamental shift in the position and policies of North Korea.

North Korea’s military leader Kim Jong-un feels that something has to be done by him to reduce tensions because he is turning out to be increasingly weary of a potential U.S. military strike against him say experts.

And the position of South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in is very delicate. While Moon Jae-in has the job of starting a process of engagement with North Korea, he also has to ensure that the very sceptical American ally is not upset with the engagements.

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