Work-from-home will reshape the fabric of cities: U.S. HR executives survey result

According to the results of a survey on large business associations, more than three out of four U.S. human resource executives opine that the work from home trend will continue to be in vogue even after the threat of the novel coronavirus subsides.

The coronavirus pandemic which emerged from Wuhan China, and spread across the globe has upended traditional face-to-face working practices; millions of employees have, at least temporarily, shifted to a work from-home-scenario in their daily business routine in order to mitigate their exposure to the potentially deadly virus.

According to the results of the Conference Board report, 77% of respondents in the April 15-28 survey expect, employees will continue to work from home more for at least three days a week, with information technology and financial services being the sectors in the lead with the highest remote working rates.

Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google, and Twitter Inc have have already said, they will allow most employees to work remotely until the end of 2020.

Less than 1 in 10 businesses polled said, more than 20% of their full-time employees worked from home before the epidemic. The survey also showed, businesses with at least 10% of their staff working from home before the epidemic were more likely to self-report productivity gains over the past several weeks.

Once this trend sets in, it is likely to reshape the very fabric of cities. With fewer commuters, major transit systems are likely to lose revenue and spending on city center food services, retail and other services are likely to drop significantly.

Of the 152 HR executives in U.S.-based organizations surveyed, more than 60% of respondents were in the business and professional services, manufacturing and health care sectors.

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