Airbus likely to land orders for 400 jets from Indigo Partners: Sources

Bill Franke, owner of Phoenix-based Indigo Partners, and Airbus’ John Leahy are likely to be the star of the Dubai Airshow.

Bill Franke, a veteran investor in the airlines sector, is set to place a historic $40 billion order for around 400 Airbus jets.

On Wednesday, with Franke flying to the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Airshow, the likelihood of him signing the deal is on the cards, said two sources familiar with the matter at hand.

If the deal comes through it would be the industry’s biggest ever, by volume.

Bloomberg had earlier reported the potential contract involved 430 jets.

The deal will mark a dramatic turnaround for Airbus, as it has been lagging in the race for orders, behind Boeing and had started the Nov 12-16 air show on a back foot.

Although Boeing has so far dominated the show, according to delegates, Airbus has the potential to steal the limelight with Airbus sales chief John Leahy, a veteran of last-minute air show surprises, plotting a blockbuster climax.

Leahy has been working as Airbus’ marketing boss since 1994 and is due to retire in coming months. If anyone can pull off this deal, it would be him.


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