Halt to second travel ban only temporary

Major tech companies have skipped putting their names on the brief that is posing as a challenge to Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Facebook, Apple and Alphabet Inc’s Google along with 60 other technology companies appeared to have backed away from a lawsuit seeking to block the second version of U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

Asp per a legal brief filed in federal court in Hawaii, yesterday, less than half the 127 signatories were available in a similar brief filed in an appeals court last month when Trump issued his first travel ban.

Kickstarter, Airbnb Inc and Dropbox Inc were among the tech companies that signed the brief.

The names of the major tech companies whose signatures were available in the first but wasn’t in the second brief, includes, Twitter Inc, Microsoft Corp, Netflix Inc, eBay Inc and Intel Corp.

The lawsuit may succeed in its endeavours despite losing the overt support of some of the big names. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu ordered on Wednesday to halt, on an emergency basis, Trump’s executive order.

 The halt order is temporary.

Trump termed the judge’s order as being an “unprecedented judicial overreach.”

Trump has justified the travel ban as a necessary requirement for U.S. national security.

Trump’s order will have a major impact on tech companies, since, generally speaking, they largely rely on skilled workers from overseas. That is why in the first halt to Trump’s ban, tech companies played a pivotal role. This is why it isn’t clear as to why so few signed on the “friend-of-the-court” brief during the second time.

As per Robert Atkins, a New York lawyer who co-authored the brief, tech companies do have an opportunity to join the effort as it moves through the court system.

 “We do expect the group to expand,” said Atkins.

As per Uber Technologies Inc’s spokesman, the company was in the process of adding its name to the brief.

File-sharing service Box Inc, stated that although it did not sign the brief there has been no change to its position.

Representatives from Apple, Google, eBay, Intel, Microsoft and Netflix did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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