Starbucks to hire 10K refugees from 75 countries spread across 5 years

Initially, those who have acted as support staff for U.S. troops stationed abroad are likely to be recruited.

Two days after U.S. President Donald Trump issued his executives order which banned refugees from certain countries, Starbucks Corp’s CEO, Howard Schultz disclosed that the company plans on hiring 10,000 refugees from 75 countries spread over a period of five years.

Late last week, Trump put a temporary 4 month plan of disallowing refugees into the U.S. saying the move could potentially help protect American from terrorist attacks.

In a letter, Schultz told Starbucks’ employees that it would do everything possible to support the affected workers.

Schultz has disclosed that the company’s hiring efforts will initially focus on individuals who have served with U.S. troops and other support personnel, including interpreters.

Significantly, Schultz said if Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, is repealed employees who lose their health insurance coverage will return to Starbuck’s own health insurance.

In a few months from now, Schultz is scheduled to stepdown as Starbuck’s CEO. Long serving technology executive, Kevin Johnson, is set to take his place at the top, while Schultz is set to become the company’s chairman.

Schultz has also affirmed the Starbuck’s commitment to trade with Mexico.


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