AFP network could reshape Trump’s border tax proposal

Founded by billionaire industrialist, Charles Koch and his brother, the reach advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, includes the White House. Its former members have landed high-position jobs in the Trump administration. AFP’s current focus is Trump’s border tax which could impose additional taxes on American taxpayers.

In a development that is likely to oppose U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal to construct a wall on the U.S Mexico border, Billionaire industrialist, Charles Koch is set to launch a campaign that could complicate the Trump administration’s efforts to find ways to foot the bill for the wall.

According to officials from the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a conservative political advocacy group founded by Charles Koch and David Koch, his brother, the group plans to use its network of activists and wealthy political donors to kill Trump’s proposal.

The advocacy group aims to raise $1.2 trillion over 10 years on goods coming into the United States.

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the Republican House of Representatives is pushing the imposition of a border tax as part of a broader process of overhauling the U.S. tax code.

Proponents of Trump’s proposasl have said revenue collected from the border tax could go a long way to finance Trump’s wall along the southwestern U.S. border. Additionally, they also allude to the fact that the wall is likely to discourage U.S. manufacturers from moving to Mexico.

Last Thursday, the AFP sent a letter expressing its opposition to the proposed border tax to a House panel in-charge of writing tax legislation.

Luke Hilgemann, AFP’s CEO, has termed the measure as “a massive tax increase” on the U.S. consumer. He has urged Ryan to “go back to the drawing board.”

The AFP and its offshoot organizations have become a power magnet in the U.S.

During Trump’s presidential campaign, Koch had refused to endorse Trump’s candidacy over his immigration and trade policies. His practice of singling out companies for potential retribution if they move jobs abroad has also attracted fire from the AFP.

However, Hilgemann emphasised that the AFP had a “developing relationship” with the Trump Administration and he had reached out to Trump to discuss matters on policy.

Significantly, former members of the AFP have landed high-level jobs in the Trump administration, which has given the group a conduit for airing its views on policy matters.

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