Angry Bird developers set to open game studio in London

It plans on hiring nearly 20 people for its project which involves creating characters for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. In 2016, Rovio booked a small profit in comparison to 2015’s loss.

The fall of the British sterling has a silver lining: the island nation is seen as a hot market for gaming studios.

Finish mobile animation and game maker Rovio Entertainment is all set to take roots in London to focus on its multiplayer games and not just focus on its Angry Birds brand.

The company is stepping up its game for new games in the gaming industry.

In recent years, privately held Rovio has struggled since profits from its Angry Birds franchise have slumped prompting deep disinvestments and job cuts.

However, when last year it launched its animated Angry Bird 3D Hollywood movie, it performed well in the box office and new licensing deals sprung up.

Now, Rovio is set to capitalise on this steam by building a team of around 20 people so as to create “massively multiplayer online” (MMO) games, with a focus on new characters.

“MMO is a genre that is growing in mobile, but it is not fully saturated. We are not looking for a niche position but a very wide, inclusive game,” said Wilhelm Taht, head of games at Rovio.

Significantly, Taht stated that the company is not looking to launch a big number of games this year.

“Perhaps there’s been some change in our thinking here,” said Taht. “The market is favorable for games that will live long and that are operated with a service mindset.”

When asked if Rovio will include augmented reality (AR) in its products, he said, “We will, of course, be following AR as a technology and a tool”.

Boosted by a small growth in its turnover, in 2016, Rovio booked a small operating profit compared to a loss in the previous year.

Rovio has 400 employees in its payroll spread across totally 4 game studios in Sweden and Finland.

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