NHTSA probing Ford’s 2007-2009 Fusion and Millan sedans

The popular models have had to face the brunt of investigations in the past. Now investigators are probing potential braking issues with these models.

U.S. safety regulators have begun investigating Ford Motor’s Mercury Milan and Fusion sedans made from 2007 to 2009 for braking issues which under certain conditions could be injurious to health.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration its probe which was opened on December 20, revolves around one of Ford’s most popular models – the Fusion.

Ford’s Milan sedan is no longer manufactured.

The probe could potentially lead Ford to issue a safety recall, however, the NHTSA is short of one point.

According to a report available on the NHTSA site, when the said sedans go over uneven or rough surfaces, including slippery roads or a manhole cover, the car’s anti-lock braking system may not work properly which could lead to longer stopping distances heightening the chances of a crash.

There have also been consumer complaints stating the brake pedals in these sedans have gone “soft” as well as the pedals “going to the floor.” Drivers have also reported that their cars have landed up in the midst of traffic since the vehicles did not stop as expected at the traffic signals.

Ford has stated that it is cooperating with the NHTSA in the investigation.

Incidentally, in the past the two said models have been involved in several recalls, though not all of which relate to issues with Ford.

The 2006-2011 Fusion and Milan sedans were among the 1.9 million Ford models that were affected by the massive, ongoing, Takata air bag recall.

Dozens of auto manufacturers have been affected by this issue.

The 2010 and the 2011 models of the Fusion and Milan models have also been recalled due to their fuel tanks which may crack.

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