TPP meaningless without US participation – Japanese Prime Minister

On the campaign trail, Trump had called the TPP a job killer and a disaster. The withdrawal of the US from the 12-nation trade deal would make pointless.

With U.S. President-elect Donald Trump stating he would withdraw from the pan-pacific free trade deal, TPP, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, said the pact would be meaningless without U.S. participation.

With TPP leaders gathering in Lima on Saturday, Abe, who also attended the meet, told reporters that without the participation of the United States the TPP would be effectively meaningless.

“The TPP would be meaningless without the United States,” said Abe.

In a video released today, Donald Trump has outlined the steps he would take on the first day of office, January 20.

On the campaign trail, Trump had called the 12-nation trade deal a job-killing “disaster.”

During the summit, which was also visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Abe discussed economic cooperation between the two nations and ways to resolve the decades-old territorial row. He stressed on his resolve to end the island dispute under his leadership.

“This is the problem that cannot be solved without the relationship of trust between leaders,” said Abe. “I will be directly communicating with President Putin and make progress one solid step at a time.”

During the end of WW2, Soviet Russia had seized a chain of western Pacific islands from Japan and since then the apparent peace between the two nations have had an undercurrent of diplomatic tension.


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