Scotland prefers to remain with the EU than with Britain

On the very day British Brexit Minister, David Davis was in Brexit to meet EU’s chief negotiator, Scotland’s Brexit Minister, Mike Russel has made it amply clear that the country prefers to stay with the EU.

According to Scotland’s lead negotiator, who is currently in Brussels, Scotland prefers to be closer to the EU than to Britain despite geographical proximity to the UK. The Scottish government is pushing the European Union and Britain to give it special terms in the Brexit deal.

Scotland has told an audience, which included diplomats and EU officials that only the “softest” break with the EU will suit it. If that wasn’t possible, Scotland is likely to vote for independence.

As per Mike Russell, Edinburgh’s chief negotiator, Theresa May’s drive to end EU judicial oversight and significantly reduce immigration from the EU is likely to result in Britain not getting access to EU’s single market.

Thus, in March, in the event of May triggering divorce proceedings, Scotland should be awarded special terms, said Russel.

“What we need to see in the letter is a recognition that there will not be a uniform Brexit for every part of the UK but that there will be different arrangements,” said Russell on the very day when Britain’s Brexit Minister, David Davis was in Brussels for his first meeting with Michel Barnier, EU’s chief negotiator.

So as to get big business behind her, May has toned down proposals to put workers on company boards and has promised to spend billions of pounds in research in science and technology.

Russel has stressed that a creative solution will have to be worked out for Scotland and the option for Scots to keep their EU citizenship should not be ruled out, in an unprecedented move to keep Scotland close to the EU.

Ever since Britain as a whole has voted to leave the EU, Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has embarked on a charm offensive with the EU to keep Scotland within the bloc.

“We are having good conversations,” said Russel. “Sympathy, fascination, support do not necessarily translate into anything. But there are important issues at stake here for the EU upon which I hope there is reflection by all the member states.”

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