Britain preparing legislation to trigger Article 50

Since divorcing the EU is likely to significantly dent its business potential, Theresa May has started a whirlwind tour to offset this loss, explore further business opportunities and kickstart the stalling British economy.

Sky News has reported that Theresa May’s government is preparing legislature to trigger its divorce from the European Union. This is despite reports stating that the British Prime Minister is confident of overturning a court’s decision which could potentially delay Brexit.

Last week, England’s High Court ruled that Theresa May’s government will have to seek an approval from parliament before it can trigger article 50 of the EU Lisbon Treaty.

Theresa May seems to be determined to carry out what she terms as “the will of the people”.

Her aides have declined to comment on whether ministers are preparing contingency plans following the ruling from the High Court. The only thing they are saying is that they are confident of winning an appeal.

Sky News has reported citing anonymous sources, that the British government is preparing a legislation which will be tabled in both houses of parliament in what promises to be a lengthy process.

When asked to respond to requests for comments, a spokeswoman for May did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.

With May focussing on ensuring that her government has the lead on the divorce proceedings, there is growing anger among her lawmakers, which earlier prompted one of her ruling Conservative party MPs to resign last week, thus deepening the split and laying thread bare the deep divide over the outcome of the June referendum.

Pro-Brexit campaigners and Euro-sceptics have attacked the judges for what they term as a betrayal of the referendum. While, others who campaigned to stay within the EU, hoped the court’s decision will soften Britain’s divorce terms with EU.

Not one to anger the judiciary, May has expressed support for them while insisting that she would lead Britain out of the EU.

“While others seek to tie our negotiating hands, the government will get on with the job of delivering the decision of the British people,” said May in a statement before leaving on a trade tour to woo Indian businesses.


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