Some Twitter Users Informed They Tweeted Over The Daily Tweet Cap As Twitter Outages

Following technical issues on Wednesday, some Twitter users were unable to post tweets. “You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets,” read the message sent to account holders.

Just before 22:00 GMT, the glitch was reported by the outage-tracking website DownDetector.

Since purchasing Twitter last October for $44 billion, Elon Musk has reduced the company’s workforce over the past few months.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX claimed last month that Twitter had about 2,300 employees, down from about 8,000 when he assumed the position.

Experts have been cautioning against such drastic headcount reductions for months, but it is still unclear whether Wednesday’s outage was caused by the lower staffing levels.

Since many users reported being able to tweet, it appears that part of the outage was quickly fixed.

Some claimed that Twitter notified them that they had exceeded the 2,400 tweets per day cap, even if they had not tweeted on Wednesday.

Twitter message issues had also been reported by account owners. A dashboard that can be used with Twitter, TweetDeck, was not accessible, according to a number of users.

It’s unclear how many people were impacted at this time.

“Twitter may not be working as expected for some of you. Sorry for the trouble. We’re aware and working to get this fixed,” Twitter said.

Many users have expressed frustration with bugs in recent weeks while using Twitter, with some claiming that locking their accounts would increase the reach of their tweets.

The Information, a tech news website, reported that Elon Musk had instructed Twitter staff to put off developing new features “in favor of maximizing system stability and robustness, especially with the Super Bowl approaching.”

Additionally, Twitter announced that longer tweets can now be posted by US subscribers to its $8 monthly service.

The 4,000-character limit that is now available to Twitter Blue subscribers is much higher than the 280-character cap imposed on free users.

“But don’t worry, Twitter is still Twitter,” the company said in a lengthy tweet announcing the feature.

In the meantime, YouTube experienced an outage that, at its peak, reportedly affected 65,000 users, according to DownDetector.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, stated in a tweet that it was looking into claims that the website’s homepage “is down for some of you.”

“We’re looking into it… really sorry if you’re experiencing this,” they wrote.

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