Tesla Struck With A Fresh Lawsuit Alleging Racial Discrimination Against Black Employees

Fifteen Black former or current Tesla employees filed a complaint against the electric car company, citing racial discrimination and harassment at its plants.

According to the lawsuit filed in a California state court, the workers said they were subjected to objectionable racist words and behaviour on a regular basis by coworkers, managers, and human resources officials.

The harassment included using terminology like “nigger,” “slavery,” or “plantation” or making sexual comments like “likes booty,” according to the lawsuit, which added that Tesla’s “standard operating practises involve flagrant, open, and unmitigated race prejudice.”

According to the lawsuit, some of the plaintiffs were allocated to the most physically demanding positions at Tesla or were passed over for promotion.

It was claimed that Montieco Justice, a manufacturing associate at Tesla’s Fremont factory, was demoted immediately upon his return to Tesla after taking an allowed leave of absence due to contracting COVID-19.

There were no comments on the issue available from Tesla.

At least ten complaints have been filed against the manufacturer, alleging rampant race discrimination or sexual harassment, including one filed by a California civil rights agency. more info

It has previously denied any wrongdoing and claims to have measures in place to prevent and resolve workplace misconduct.

After turning down a $15 million judgement, a federal court in California ordered a fresh trial on the damages Tesla owes to a Black former factory worker who accused the firm of race discrimination.

A Tesla shareholder filed a lawsuit this month accusing CEO Elon Musk and the company’s board of directors of ignoring employee complaints and promoting a hostile workplace atmosphere.

(Adapted from The Guardian.com)

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