Hackers successfully break into digital authentication firm Okta Inc

In a statement, digital authentication firm Okta Inc said, a hacking group known as Lapsus$ has broken into its systems as a result hundreds of customers have been affected.

The cyber attack has sparked concerns after the cyber extortion gang posted what appeared to be internal screenshots from within the organization’s network roughly a day ago.

In a series of blog posts, Okta’s Chief Security Officer David Bradbury said, the “maximum potential impact” was to 366 customers whose data was accessed by an outside contractor, Sitel.

He went on to add, the hack occurred after hackers gained access to the company’s computer network after hijacking the laptop of a contractor employed as an engineer.

The 366 number represented a “worst case scenario,” said Bradbury while adding, the company had taken measures to contain the threat.

San Francisco-based Okta, helps employees of more than 15,000 organizations securely access their networks and applications. The breach could potentially lead to serious consequences across various networks of companies.

Okta first noticed the breach in January.

Bradbury said he was “greatly disappointed by the long period of time that transpired between our notification to Sitel and the issuance of the complete investigation report.”

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