Revival of 2015 Iran nuclear deal close to finish line

In a statement the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said it is slated to visit Tehran on Saturday. The development suggests that this could potentially help pave the way for a revival of Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement.

Rafael Grossi’s upcoming visit to Iran, was reported by the news agency affiliated with Iran’s top security body.

Despite much progress in negotiations, a sticking point remains – Iran wants the issue of uranium traces found at several old but undeclared sites in Iran to be dropped and closed forever.

“If Grossi’s trip could help the agency and Tehran to reach a roadmap to resolve existing safeguard issues, it can help revival of the nuclear deal in Vienna,” states a Nournews report.

In 2021, the IAEA had reported that Tehran had failed to explain the uranium traces in its “safeguards declarations” to the agency.

The news of Grossi’s trip to Tehran comes at a time when negotiators appear to be in the final phases of restoring the nuclear agreement.

“Bitter experience with the U.S. breach of promises and European inaction have made it inevitable” that Iran will push to defend its interests by securing a reliable nuclear deal, states a report from Nournews quoting Ali Shamkhani, the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, as telling Iranian lawmakers.

According to three Iranian officials close to the talks, a wide array of sanctions including those blocking the sale of crude oil as well as those on Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi will be removed once the 2015 pact is revived.

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