Google Ousted By Chinese Social Media App TikTok As Favourite Online Destination

TikTok is the newest and most popular online destination in the globe.

According to Cloudflare, an IT security company, the viral video app receives more hits compared to than the American search engine.

TikTok dethroned Google from the top spot in February, March, and June of this year, and has kept the top slot since August, according to the rankings.

Last year, Google was first, followed by TikTok, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Netflix – all of which were in the top ten.

Cloudflare claims to track data via its web traffic monitoring tool, Cloudflare Radar.

The Covid epidemic is thought to be one of the causes for Tiktok’s popularity spike, as lockdowns meant individuals were stranded at home and looking for entertainment.

According to monitoring firm Sensor Tower, TikTok had been downloaded over three billion times by July of this year.

Owned by a Chinese business called Bytedance, the short video sharing social network already has over one billion active users worldwide and is still growing.

To conform to China’s censoring restrictions, the app is known as Douyin and runs on a separate network.

Douyin first came out in September of 2016. China decided earlier this year to prohibit users under the age of 14 to 40 minutes per day on the platform.

After combining with, a Chinese social media service that allowed users to submit videos of themselves lip-syncing to songs, TikTok was introduced abroad in 2018.

The social networking platform isn’t without its share of controversies. was revealed to have deliberately hosted content produced by under-age users in 2019, earning it a temporary suspension in India, a US counter-intelligence inquiry, and a record £4.3 million punishment.

Lawmakers and authorities outside of China have expressed worries about security and privacy because it is one of the few internationally successful Chinese apps.

Last year, TikTok was compelled to deny that it is under Chinese government control.

TikTok’s head of public policy for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Theo Bertram, said the company will resist any demand from China for data.

The app features a wide range of short films, including humour, dance, and politics.

With 17.4 million followers, make-up artist @abbyroberts is the most popular creator in the United Kingdom.

TikTok’s growth has been fueled by food and recipe videos, with viral clips garnering millions of views.

As a consequence, in March, TikTok Kitchen, a new food delivery service in the United States, will begin operations, allowing users to order recipes inspired by popular videos.

The basis of the menu for the app will be most popular food trends on TikTok, including baked feta spaghetti, which Google named as the most searched dish of 2021.

Robert Earl, the owner of Planet Hollywood, Buca di Beppo, and Bertucci’s in the United States, is a co-founder of TikTok Kitchen.

He estimates that roughly 300 TikTok eateries will open across the country by the end of 2022, with more than 1,000 predicted by then.

Earl owns a number of restaurant franchises, and TikTok Kitchen will operate out of one of them.

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