Spread Of The New Coronavirus Variant Omicron Continues As Australia Finds Cases

The latest Omicron coronavirus strain continued to spread throughout the globe on Sunday with two cases reported in Australia and a further two cases in the United States, as more countries attempted to block themselves off with travel restrictions.

Health officials in Australia’s largest and most well-known state New South Wales, reported that two travelers who were brought to Sydney in the southern part of Africa on Saturday evening confirmed positively for Omicron version of the coronavirus.

The two people had no symptoms who were fully vaccinated, and were being quarantined, NSW Health said. Twelve passengers who were from south Africa were also placed in 14 days of quarantine at the hotel and 260 additional passengers and aircrew were instructed to stay away from. Learn more

The Australian cases are the most recent evidence that the virus could become difficult to manage. The first time it was discovered was within South Africa, it has since been discovered across Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong.

Austria is investigating a possible incident on Sunday, and in France the Health Minister Olivier Veran said the new variant had probably already been circulating in the country.

The finding of Omicron known as”a “variant of concern” last week by the World Health Organization, has raised concerns around the world that it may not respond to vaccinations and prolong the two-year COVID-19 epidemic.

Omicron may be more contagious than the previous strains, however experts do not know whether it can cause greater or lesser severity of COVID 19 when compared against other types of.

The countries have issued a series of travel bans or restrictions on the southern part of Africa. The markets fell on Friday amid fears that the plan could stop the global recovery. The price of oil dropped by 10 dollars per barrel.

On Sunday, many Gulf market prices fell dramatically in early trade and the Saudi index suffering the biggest single-day decline in almost two years. Learn more

In the most extensive attempt to combat the variant, Israel announced late on Saturday that it will ban the entry of foreigners and reinstate counter-terrorism technology to stop the spreading that the virus has spread.

Premier Naftali Bennett announced that the ban, which is awaiting approval from the government, would be in effect for 14 days. Officials hope that in the time frame, the government will provide more details on the efficacy of vaccinations against Omicron. Learn more

A number of countries have implemented or are planning to impose restrictions on travel to southern Africa. It is the South African government denounced this on Saturday, describing it as unjust and possibly damaging to its economy, saying that it was being penalized for its ability to recognize coronavirus variants before they become.

In Britain in which two related cases of Omicron confirmed on Saturday related with travel plans to south Africa The government has introduced measures to stop the spread by imposing stricter testing guidelines for those who are arriving in the country, as well as applying for the wearing of masks in certain situations.

British Minister of Health Sajid Javid announced that on Sunday he was likely to be given an immediate recommendation on whether the government could extend a program that provides booster shots to all vaccinated individuals, in order to reduce the effect of the vaccine. It is reported that the German states of Bavaria also confirmed two instances of this variant last Saturday. In Italy Italy’s National Health Institute said a instance of the variant was detected in Milan by a patient who came from Mozambique.

Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese respiratory health expert, has stated that it may take time before reaching an opinion on the dangers of the latest variant as reported by state media on Sunday.

(Adapted from News18.com)

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