Close Eye At Ports To Be Kept By China To Curb Pandemic Risks

China has announced a high alert situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic as authorities implement stringent norms on movement in and out of the nation to decrease the threats of the spread of the pandemic in the wake of a new domestic outbreak. It is less than 100 days the Winter Olympics in Beijing is slated to begin.

A continuation of its advice for Chinese individuals of not going overseas for non-urgent or non-essential reasons was issued on Thursday by the country’s National Immigration Administration (NIA).

The global tourism industry has been hit by a total of about $255 billion in terms of annual expenditure by tourists which is partly accounted for a sharp decline in Chinese tourists since early last year.

Rigorous and careful enforcement of Copvid-19 curbs and restrictions will be made by the Chinese immigration administration related to the movement of people in and out of China of those linked to Winter Olympics.

According to a recent state television broadcast quoting Huang Chun, an official on the Beijing organizing committee for the Winter Olympics, China seeks to prevent Covid-19 breakouts among those traveling from outside into China for the Winter Olympics.

According to Huang, authorities will work hard to avoid virus control failures during the Games, which might interrupt the event or cause clusters among people.

Prior to a big conference of the Communist Party’s highest-ranking officials next week, there has been an increase in Covid-19 restrictions in the Chinese capital.

Since mid-October, reports of verified symptoms of Covid-19 among more than 700 people wherein the disease was transmitted locally, emerged from the 19 province-level areas in China, and the geographical spread of the infections prompted a flurry of restrictions on tourist and leisure businesses according to the zero-Covids-19 tolerance policy of Beijing.

Authorities have traced a large number of COvid-19 infections in northwest China, as well as the second cluster in North Eastern Heilongjiang province, to sources that were inadvertently brought into the country from outside, according to officials.

According to the immigration office, there would be aggressive enforcement of checks of the disease being brought into the country on aircraft, ships, and cargo at land ports.

it will adapt procedures for foreign visitors coming in China in response to developments in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the NIA also stated.

Even though a number of countries have eliminated quarantine rules for those inbound travelers who are fully vaccinated, China continues to require that most travellers entering mainland China from the outside be quarantined for weeks, irrespective of their vaccination status.

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