US Intelligence Agencies Do Not Expect To Conclusively Find Origins Of Covid-19

Intelligence agencies in the United States would be unable to determine if Covid-19 spread through animal-to-human transmission or spilled from a lab until a breakthrough is made, authorities said, while providing a more detailed version of their investigation into the pandemic’s origins.

Expansion of the conclusions of a 90-day investigation requested by President Joe Biden, which were ordered in August this year, was stated in a report published by the Director of National Intelligence.

There is a split among US intelligence agencies about the origins of the Covid-19 causing virus, according to the report, but experts are of the opinion that the virus was not produced as a bioweapon, and the narrative that it was not genetically altered is also believed by most agencies.

China has so far resisted international efforts to make it fully participate in pandemic investigations or grant access to genetic sequences of coronaviruses held at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is still a source of controversy due to its research and safety concerns.

Biden had launched the study as support grew for the hypothesis that the virus had spilled from the Wuhan facility, which had been widely discounted by specialists. Former President Donald Trump and his allies have long claimed that a lab leak may have occurred in order to divert criticism of his management of the outbreak.

China continues to present a challenging environment to conduct intelligence operations, and it has resisted charges that it bungled the outbreak of the epidemic, which has claimed the lives of 5 million people globally.

Senior authorities who worked on the complete study expressed optimism that it would better enlighten the public about the difficulties in pinpointing the virus’s origins.

“We don’t think we’re one or two reports away from being able to understand it,” one official was quoted in a report as saying.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology “previously developed chimaeras, or combinations, of SARS-like coronaviruses,” according to the complete report, “although this information does not reveal if SARS Cov-2 was genetically engineered by the WIV. ”

The paper said that the fact that lab researchers sought medical attention for a respiratory infection in November 2019 “is not indicative of the pandemic’s origins.”

The paper also denied assertions that China utilised the virus as a bioweapon since their proponents “do not have direct access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” are making scientifically unsound claims, or are accused of disseminating misinformation.

The virus was first transferred from an animal to a human, four intelligence agencies have stated with a low level of confidence. The first human infection, according to a fifth intelligence agency, was connected to a lab with intermediate confidence.

Prior to producing the report, experts held a “Team A/Team B” debate to see if each hypothesis might be strengthened or weakened.

The study outlines data types that investigators still require from China, including records and tissue samples from a number of Wuhan marketplaces, including the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, Qiyimen Live Animal Market, Dijiao Outdoor Pet Market, and others.

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