Study Finds 37% Recovering Covid-19 Patients Have At Least One Long-Term Symptom

A large study conducted by Oxford University and the National Institute for Health Research, which was made public on Wednesday, revealed that 37 per cent of the patients that were examined in the study were found to be suffering from at least one long term Covid-19 symptom which manifested in them about three to six months of time after the patients were infected by the virus.

The study investigated the long term impact on Covid-19 patients who were still recovering from the illness numbering more than 270,000.

Revealing the results of the study, Oxford University noted that breathing problems, fatigue, pain and anxiety were the four most common post Covid-19 symptoms that were seen in the patients whose current health was examined.

The study also found that people who have had to be hospitalised previously with Covid-19 were the ones who were suffering from the post Covid-19 symptoms more frequently. The study also found that such symptoms were also more commonly found among women compared to men.

The study however did not deal with one or more possible causes of the long term symptoms of Covid-19, or the severity of the illnesses or the length of time hat such symptoms could last.

The study however concluded that symptoms of breathing difficulties and cognitive problems were more prominently seen among older people and men. On the other hand, illnesses of headaches, abdominal symptoms and anxiety or depression were more commonly found among the younger people and women who participated in the study.

“We need to identify the mechanisms underlying the diverse symptoms that can affect survivors,” said Oxford University professor Paul Harrison, who headed the study.

“This information will be essential if the long-term health consequences of COVID-19 are to be prevented or treated effectively,” Harrison added.

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