Honda Depending On New Civic Hatchback For Developing More Efficient Cars

Japan’s Honda Motor Co is hopeful that its all-new model – that of its latest Civic hatchback designs, will turn out to become the foundation for the company to develop and build cars more efficiently. The Civic hatchback designs were unveiled by the company on Thursday.

This model or design is the eleventh generation model of the Civic. It is an apt reflection of the so called Honda Architecture – an initiative that Honda has been implementing throughout the company and which has been created for enhancing the efficiency of development and for expansion of parts sharing for mass produced cars.

For the process of the development of the Civic’s engine compartment, the company had made use of the Honda Architecture to increase efficiency, Yosuke Sato, development leader for Japan’s second biggest automaker, told reporters this month. This was achieved by the company by integrating parts and arrangements for components such as an inlet air cooler.

“Successor car models will overall become more efficient,” Sato said.

By 2025m Honda has set a target to reduce the number of man-hours that would be required for developing mass production models by at least 30 per cent, Honda had said in 2019. This will help the company to accelerate its research and development in new technologies such as electrification and autonomous driving.

Since the model was introduced in 1972. more than 27 million Civic vehicles had been sold by Honda throughout the world across 10 different generational models of the car. The Civic is one of Honda’s top-selling cars in the United States.

Features such as advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies will be offered in the latest and new Civic models.

The Japanese auto company said that it has plans of coming out with hybrid and sporty type-R versions of the Civic next year even though this latest model of the Civic will be offered to customers to choose between a continuously variable transmission or a six-speed manual transmission for this time.

The sale of the new Civic will be started by the company in Japan and the United States this fall, the company said while the price of the new model would be revealed by the company in August.

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