Uber Wants Its Workers To Attend Office At Least Three Days A Week

The ride hailing company Uber will allow its employees to work from home but only for two days of the week even as Covid-19 restrictions are getting relaxed in many countries and offices are reopening,

Nikki Krishnamurthy, the company’s chief people officer, said in a blog post Wednesday that the company will adopt a “hybrid model” for its employees” with respect to their place of working starting in September this year wherein the company has clearly stated that it expects

Krishnamurthy added that an internal survey carried out by the company some time back revealed that about two thirds of the employees of company wanted to work in a mixed or hybrid form of working with a combination of working from home and from office.

Silicon valley companies were among the first ones to close down when the Covid-19 pandemic had struck last year and currently a number of the biggest companies there are slowly beginning to reopen offices. Their reopening policies and strategies tend to offer a possible road map for what office work would look like in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic.

While Apple it has been reported that the iPhone maker Apple had begun to allow its employees back to the office as early as in May last year, other large Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook and Google have indicated that they will restart their headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area but with a limited capacity of employees in the coming weeks.

The new campus in San Francisco’s Mission Bay was opened by Uber last month after the company had finished constructing it du4ing the pandemic. That office had initially started to operate with a 20 per cent capacity and the employees of the company were allowed to work from the office on a voluntary basis.

There are more than 22,000 employees of the ride hailing firm globally while it has around 3,500 employees in the Bay Area in San Francisco. The company said that those employees who had been working from home will have to get back to their office locations where they used to go before the pandemic hit by September 13.

An explanation of why employees of Uber are not being given the opportunity to choose to work from home or remotely permanently as has been done by other tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Why didn’t we make a more radical shift? It ultimately comes down to the kind of company we want to be,” she said. “Our business also exists in the real world, on the streets of thousands of cities, and it’s important we stay connected to the places we serve.”

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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