Covid-19 Travel Pass App From IATA To Be Tested On Korean Air Passengers

A trial run by the International Air Transport Association of using a travel pass – which is an app that will contain ample proof that a traveller has had a negative novel coronavirus test result as well as their vaccination status is set to be launched and passengers of Korean Air would be the first in the world to participate in that trial run of an app that can accelerate recovery of the global airline industry.

The digital travel pass will help “prepare the world for safe and convenient air travel in the post-COVID era”, said the airline kin an announcement through a press release on Thursday. The trial run of the Covid-19 app will be made for passengers flying with the airline in its Incheon to Los Angeles flight in May. An internal test with in Korea would be carried out prior to testing it out in the international route in April.

A Covid-19 antigen test will be offered to the passengers at the Incheon Airport’s testing center and the results of the test would be made available to the passengers through the Travel Pass mobile app within one hour.  

That Copvid-19 test at the airport will be available for the airline staff to view as proof of a negative test while the app will also show the staff the proof and status of the vaccination of the traveller.

“As COVID-19 vaccinations become widely available and travel demand recovers, COVID-19 vaccination and test results will be critical. However, it is difficult for governments to validate paper vaccination certifications or COVID-19 test results, and immigration procedures are expected to take longer. There is also the possibility of paper certificates being forged,” the airline said.

But the aim behind the development and implementation of the travel pass app has been to solve those problems while also being an encouragement for safe travel between countries “by standardizing health verification through a credible platform.”

The partnership with Korean Air “is an important milestone towards giving governments the confidence to restart the industry,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s senior vice president, in the press release. Careen added that the travel pass will “demonstrate that aviation has developed a solution to ensure that passengers are meeting travel requirements.”

The European Commission also made an announcement of launching a similar app on Wednesday. The Commission’s plans include the development of a “Digital Green Certificate” which would be used by European Union citizens to bypass travel restrictions by simply presenting the digital proof of a traveller either having been vaccinated against Covid-19 or possess a negative test result or has recovered from the virus, which would make the passenger fit for travelling.

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