Efforts To Reduce Plastic Waste Being Undertaken By Global Toy Companies

After using environmentally destructive plastic in the products and packaging of toys for decades, efforts at becoming more eco-friendly are now being made by many large toy companies.

With parents being forced to keep their children back at home during the pandemic, there has been an unanticipated surge in demand for toys. Analysts and experts are expecting a huge surge in demand for toys this holiday season.

Crucial to tackling climate change is finding alternatives to plastic.Devastating effects on the planet have resulted because of both the production and discarding of plastic. Such usage has led to emission of greenhouse gases that fuel climate change as well as clogging waterways and accumulating of plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

And with shoppers getting increasingly conscious about how their choices affect the planet, it is also important for companies to adopt “eco-friendly” marketing.

Toy company Uno announced that it now has created a deck of cards at is 100% recyclable. Cellophane from its packaging is also being removed by the company. The cards themselves however have always been recyclable. Removing of cellophane from all of its card decks by 2021 is also being planned by Uno.

Instead of using single-use plastic, recyclable paper for its packaging is being planned to be used by Lego. Renewable or recycled material will be used for making all Lego packaging bt 2025, the company has said.

But a major plastic problem still exists for Lego. 90,000 metric tons of plastic a year is required for making of the Lego blocks themselves. These toys witnessed a huge surge in sales during the pandemic.

Efforts to develop alternatives to the petroleum-based plastic that can be used in its blocks have been on-going at the company for years now. The company still uses plastic to manufacture the vast majority of individual pieces even though it claims that some progress has been made to find replacement material for plastic.

A new line of toys manufactured from recycled plastic and packaged in recycled materials was released recently by Little Tikes, which manufactures a range of toys including scooters, swings and playhouses. The company said that in the eventuality of a Little Tikes toy getting old or being damaged, it can put into a recycling bin with the assurance the toy would be reused in a different form.

A new line of “Wooden Critters” infant toys that use wood and natural materials has been added by it, Little Tikes also said

Rock-a-Stacks products have practically become synonymous with plastic waste. Sugarcane based plastics would be sued for making of the hollow, colorful plastic rings, stacked by size and color on a short pole and they would be packaged in 100% recycled or sustainably sourced material by the end of 2020, the company has announced.

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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