Almost 90% Of Workers Want To Have Option To Work From Home: Cisco Survey

A new study from Cisco Systems has revealed that after the easing of restrictions on workplaces due to Covid-19, 90 per cent of the workers want to be able to choose whether to work from home or the office and want to have greater autonomy over their working hours.

The research showed that a rapid shift of attitudes towards home working has been induced by the pandemic with about two thirds of workers saying that they are now more appreciative of both the benefits and challenges of remote working or working from home.

Out of the total number of workers participating in the study, only 5 per cent had worked form home prior to the pandemic induced lockdown whereas the survey showed that currently about 78 per cent of the workers now want to be given the choice to decide on where, how and when to work – with a potential flexibility of being able to choose a blend of office and home based work regimen.

In order to help meet the new demands of workers, for whom effective communication and collaboration was the priority over everything else, companies would have to reconfigure how they operate, said Cisco Vice President Gordon Thomson.

And in order to ensure employees were safe and their data was secure in their working environment – be it in the office or at homes, extensive use of technology would have to be used, he said.

He said that technology that can be used for checking social distancing and whether people were wearing masks in the office, or sensor technology used for monitoring the heating and lighting in a home work station could be included by companies, he said.

“It’s not just about connecting people anymore, it’s about the experience you deliver to people as they are connected,” he said in an interview. “We are investing far more in the analytical piece that goes behind the connectivity.”

More than 10,000 workers in companies across 12 markets in Europe, the Middle East and Russia were part of the research survey conducted by Cisco and results were published in a report named Workforce of the Future.

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