Aldi’s Expansion Drive In UK To Create 1,200 New Jobs This Year

In what was a rare piece of good news for job seekers amidst the severely hit global economy because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, German based supermarket chain Aldi announced its plans to hire 1,200 new employees during the rest of this year in eth United Kingdom.

In the UK market, Aldi and its German peer Lidl have been the fastest growing supermarket chains recent years. Aldi also announced its plans to open at least one store every week from now till Christmas in the UK.

“As much as the disruption of the past few months has been challenging, it has also reminded us that there are still hundreds of towns across the UK where shoppers don’t have access to Aldi’s award winning quality products and unbeatable prices,” said Giles Hurley, Aldi UK’s chief executive.

“To continue doing this and meet our goals of making Aldi accessible to even more shoppers, we will need thousands more amazing colleagues across the country. I look forward to welcoming each and every one of them to the team.”

New stores of the supermarket chain will be opened at locations including Sandhurst, Bristol and Edinburgh this year, Aldi said, and added that it expansion plans also include creation of about 1,200 jobs before the end of 2020.

It had already created 2,800 new permanent jobs this year following the surge in grocery sales during the lockdown period because of the pandemic, said the retailer which currently has more than 890 stores and about 35,000 staff in the UK. The company has previously outlined its target of operating 1,200 stores in the UK by 2025.

In the 12 weeks to 12 July, the shares of the company have increased by 13 per cent.

However, compared to the surge in the level of sales of rivals including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons, thee sale during the pandemic has not been as high for Aldi and Lidl. This is primarily because of the absence of online shopping service for customers for these two discount supermarket chains.

Howwever Aldi seems to have realized this folly and it struck a deal with takeaway courier service Deliveroo in May for delivery of grocery to the homes of customers. And in the month previous to May, a £24.99 grocery parcel service direct from its warehouses was launched by Aldi. That service comprised of 22 essential products including staples such as rice, pasta, toilet rolls and tea. This was aimed at elderly and vulnerable people to shop easily. .

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