Murthy Renduchintala, Intel’s Chief Engineering Officer to depart on August 3

In a development that marks a reorganization at U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp, Intel Corp said, it’s Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala will be leaving the company in a move that marks Intel allocating five teams into its key technology unit.

The move is part of Intel’s reorganizing its technology, systems architecture and client group with its new leaders reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer, Bob Swan.

“Ann Kelleher, a 24-year Intel veteran, will lead development of 7-nanometer and 5-nanometer chip technology processes,” said a source. The development comes at a time when Intel revealed last week that its smaller, and faster 7-nanometer chipmaking technology being six months behind schedule and that it would henceforth rely more on outside chipmakers to keep its products competitive.

Renduchintala, had joined Intel in 2015. He was the president of the wide-ranging group before its reorganization and was widely seen as a No. 2 in the company. Before this, he was the executive vice president at Qualcomm Inc and has been on Accenture’s board since April 2018.

Renduchintala was hired as part of a strategy to go after broader markets than just the central processing units, CPU, market Intel was most known for.

Renduchintala was responsible for turning around Intel’s process technology, which struggled with years of delay for its current 10-nanometer process. In November 2019, Swan had told investors that Intel was set to catch up to rivals with its 7-nanometer process in early 2021; last week however, he was forced to retract his words because of delays.

Renduchintala will be departing the company on August 3.

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