TikTok Hiring People From Google And Facebook In Its Aggressive Expansion Strategy

The Chinese owned video sharing app TikTok plans to increase the size of its global workforce and has been trying to woo employees from United State based tech companies form their offices in America as well as in Europe.

The company this week announced its plans to create 10,000 jobs in the United States over the next three years despite the threat of a US ban from the country’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently. A total of about 1,400 people are currently employed in the US by the Chinese-owned video sharing app.

Its largest U.S. offices are in Mountain View, California, and New York.

In recent times, the company has hired employees from Google and Facebook in their dozens, including a number of high profile executives.

There were no comments from TikTok, Facebook and Google.

According to analysis on LinkedIn, about 172 ex-Googlers and 165 ex-Facebookers have been employed globally by TokTok.

79 people who used to work at Google and 79 who used to work at Facebook who currently work for the company in the United States. While some of those TikTok employees had left their jobs in Google and Facebook years ago, there are many of them who have recently quit their jobs at these Silicon Valley companies to join TikTok. This video sharing app has become increasingly popular in the United States over the last year or so.

Blake Chandlee, who was Facebook’s vice president of global partnerships until recently, is among the notable hires made in recent times by TikTok. He was appointed as the VP of global business solutions of TikTok in January and is based out of New York. Chandlee had been employed at Facebook for more than 12 years.

Another notable recruit by TikTok was that of Chen-Lin Lee, who had quit Facebook last year after working there for nine years. Currently Lee is the director of partnerships at TikTok and is based out of Mountain View. He had laos worked at Google before joining Facebook.

One of the major reasons for TikTok appointing professionals from Silicon Valley tech companies is to help in its efforts to expand in America. Currently, TikTok’s head of talent acquisitions, based in New York, is Kim Louie, who worked as a recruiting manager at Facebook until March. Louie was a technical sourcer at Google before she joined Facebook.

The company has also adopted a similar strategy in Europe.

In a recent movement, Trevor Johnson was appointed as of marketing and global business solutions in Europe this year. Johnson has been worked with Facebook for more than 11 years and later became Instagram’s director of market operations in EMEA.

The director of government relations and public policy for Europe for TikTok since December last year is Theo Bertram who till then worked as senior manager of public policy in Europe for Google.

People at Google and Facebook have the experience and tactics of building a large advertising business, said Timothy Armoo, chief executive of Fanbytes, a company that helps brands advertise through social video.

“TikTok is at this crucial position where it’s opening up commercially to the brand world, and they need people who can execute on this vision,” he said.

(Adapted from CNBC.com)

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